Away from my computer for awhile…

I know it’s difficult to imagine. ME? Away from a computer for 2 full weeks? O the horror of it šŸ™‚

Ok, so that’s laying it on a bit thick, and chances are I will at least be able to check my email a time or two in the next two weeks, but that will be about it.

When I come back I will, perhaps, have information about new needlework projects! I am starting a new set of chalice covers for a monastery, and I also have TWO very cool group corresponence courses starting via my chapter of the Embroider’s Guild of America, one is on goldwork, the other is blackwork.

With that teaser, I will return in two weeks!


2 thoughts on “Away from my computer for awhile…

  1. Meg says:

    You won’t get this at least till you are able to log on again, but I hope you have a wonderful time on vacation, and I can’t wait to see if you bring home any good patterns. (Drool, drool.)

    Do your courses actively provide patterns suitable for ecclesiastical work, or do you just get credit for whatever patterns you select that can be done in gold/blackwork?

  2. Mimi says:

    Travel safely, enjoy and have a glass of sweet tea for me.

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