This photo will stay – edited post

I decided to not remove all of the photos, just the two detail images. You can still click on this image to see a larger image

I used garment-weight burgandy wool to embroider this. I will not finish it, someone else will “finish” the covers, which entails adding a lining and adding galoon to the edges, and a fringe to the end of each “petal” of the covers.

I’ve been asked how I stitched the vines and the cross. For the vines I used two rows of stitching, the first row was in stem stitch; the second row was in a complimentary shade of gold and in split stitch. The cross was stitched in several shades of gold and Long and Short stitch was used.


3 thoughts on “This photo will stay – edited post

  1. Meg says:

    Oh, this is *lovely*!! What stitches did you use for the embroidery — looks like satin stitch for the cross? And chain stitch, or couching, for the vine? And what did you do the flowers in?

    I just love that vine. Is this for Fr. Joseph, or for the parish? Whoever, the recipient is very fortunate!

  2. Mimi says:

    Those photos are well worth the wait! Thank you so much. Your handiwork is gorgeous, and I agree with Meg, they are very fortunate indeed.

  3. Catrin says:

    Thanks Mimi! The photos will disappear in about a week or so 🙂

    Meg, the crosses are done in Long and Short stitch – satin stitch isn’t good for something of that size, and encroaching satin stitch just wouldn’t look right.

    The vines are actually two rows of stitching – one row of stem stitch in a lighter shade of gold, then another row of split stich right next to the stem stitching in a darker complimentary shade of gold.

    The stitches for the flowers, well…. that was a Catrin special, I have NO idea what stitch I used – I just winged it with whatever looked best. Somewhere between a satin and fern stitch – but not truly either of them.

    I am a great lover of both split and stem stitching, they are both quite versitile and do curves very well if they are small enough.

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