Is it possible?

Is it actually possible that I just might be posing pics of my newly completed chalice covers sometime this week? It IS! Well, assuming that she who took the pics with her digital camera actually gets around to emailing me the pics this week. We will see, her pictures are far better than mine, so I hope the subject matter will be worth her skills.

This has been such a nice August in Central Indiana! Unlike most of the mainland US, our summer has actually been at least average in the heat department, and parts of it below average. Sure we have had a rough week or two here and there, but over all we can’t complain.

Now this embroidery project is complete, I will actually have to set aside needle and thread for some time and focus on my second business (back-of-the-book indexing). If I have any hopes of making this work for me, I have to start spending significant time in doing it – as well as in marketing efforts. There is a sampler that I would like to complete by Christmas, and I will be taking several Group Correspondance Courses through my EGA chapter, but most of my time will need to be taken up with indexing. That will be interesting.

I am still looking for good Orthodox needlwork sites, or good embroidery sites in general – especially surface embroidery. So don’t be shy and send them to me šŸ™‚


One thought on “Is it possible?

  1. Mimi says:

    Oooh, looking forward to the photo, and I’m so glad it’s been a pleasant summer. It has in the Northwest as well.

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