Warm weather….

I hope everyone is doing ok with the terrible heat that is over so much of the country. Indiana certainly got a taste last week, but it has passed, at least for now.

Ive started working on the small chalice covers, and my original plan for stitching them seems to lend itself well for such curvy lines. As it turns out I have to get them done rather quickly, but hope to get a picture of them before they go to their intended home.


One thought on “Warm weather….

  1. Meg says:

    Yes, I hope you can get a picture of them before you let them go! I love to see your work.

    The heat has been terrible, not at all what we’ve been used to. Two or so weeks of this, yes; but this has been all summer. In 1972, we *froze* all summer, I don’t think the temperature ever went above 70F. That was a long time ago….

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