Photos are coming….. and the DVC

I promise! I have to be one of the very few who do not have a digital camera. I am too cheap to buy one of those things, I would rather pick up a toss-away camera from time to time and save my extra money for fibers. and needles. and charts…. 🙂

My camera is almost full, so I will be finishing the film up this weekend and having it developed – so you get to see what I’ve been working 0n (assuming you want to see it – this COULD be considered a warning)

Oh, and by the way, movies are about the only thing off topic on this blog, so this will be the only reference to a certain movie opening this weekend…. 🙂


One thought on “Photos are coming….. and the DVC

  1. Meg says:

    Thank you for ignoring Movies. I haven’t seen anything since LOTR, and I doubt I would have seen that if our son hadn’t taken me, even though I did enjoy the trilogy immensely.

    As for pics — can’t wait! In the Promise or Threat category, that’s definitely a Promise! I also don’t have a digital camera, BTW, for the same reasons — I want the price to crash before I’ll consider one.

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