Edits, a question, and Mama Knows Best

Please note the expanded list of blogs and favorite needlwork sites in the sidebar.

I do have a question and would like to know what others think. Some of my favorite needlework sites are commercial sites – my favorites in this category generally have a good amount of historical information, or interesting instructions that are difficult to find, etc.

What I am trying to decide is if I should list those on my blog as well. Yes, it IS my blog and I can list most anything I would like to – but I find a hesitation in posting commercial sites here. They are easily found by search engines and I am inclined to consider it better to include those harder-to-find individual’s sites instead.

I cannot take credit for this, so you just have to visit this link to the OrthodDixie site if you haven’t seen this yet. Personally I think he knows my mother because I swear I remember being told all of these things time, and time, and time again. I suspect it is Southern-Mother talk and there is a lot of wisdom in those statements…. I especially remember number 13. A LOT. She told me once that God put me on earth to teach her patience, it’s a good thing to know what you are here for 🙂 Enough of my rambling, go check the list out!


One thought on “Edits, a question, and Mama Knows Best

  1. Meg says:

    I did check out the link to Fr. Joseph’s site, and as I posted to him, they sound like a page out of the Handbook for Brooklyn Mothers (Jewish and Otherwise). IOW, I think *most* moms come equipped with this list of “momilies,” as one author termed them (“Put a sweater on, I’m cold”) — things that make no sense whatsoever, until you yourself become a mother.

    I personally would like to see the expanded list of stitchery links. Don’t forget, not all of us know about these things. 😉

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