A rainy Saturday in May, temperatures are about 20 degrees below normal. This is the kind of day I would LOVE to have in mid-January…. Then it would seem warm (as long as it was only 20-degrees below that is normal in May, NOT in January).

Generally I do housekeeping chores (or would that be apartment-keeping chores?) on Saturdays. Today I’ve been doing other things though, and one of those things has been to change the *comment* requirements for this blog.

I don’t understand why people do this, but since removing the requirement that people leaving comments having to verify the jumbled characters (I forget what that is called), I have gotten several “interesting” comments I’ve had to deny. I thought comment moderation might be enough to keep from having to see spam, but I was wrong.

I do apologise for the delay in posting comments, but this seems the best combination of blog settings to keep all of us from seeing spam and other material that doesn’t belong in this space.

I find it interesting that in the 10 months in which this blog was inactive, only 1 inappropriate comment was made – and it was pretty innocent.

I hope to make another post on this blog in the next day or two about several Orthodox stitching websites I found.


One thought on “Housekeeping…

  1. Mimi says:

    I saw in the paper that your weather was cold and rainy.

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