Two interesting sites…

If you have not been to either of these sites, I encourage you to change that 🙂

Matushka Galina Tregubov is an iconographer and embroiderer who does the most wonderful work. I could never be as good as she is, and, just so you know, she publishes a book on how to embroider a traditional Orthodox Guardian Angel banner! When I get the chance I will find a link to the book and post it in a later post. Unless one of my readers happens to have a link handy?

(For those who may not know, “Matushka” is a traditonal Slavic term tha, basically, means “Mother”, and is used for priests’ wives and also for the Abess of women’s monasteries – it may be also used for all Russian nuns who have been tonsured – but I am unsure of Russian practice here). It seems a surprise for some to learn that the average Orthodox parish priest is married with children.

Treasures of Mount Athos has an interesting overview of the role of church embroidery (of many kinds) used in the monasteries on the Holy Mountain. There aren’t any images on this page, but at the bottom there are links to collections (classified by the monastery they are found in). It’s a fun way to spend a little time. Not all of the links are to pages with images, but many are.

Ok, time to read for awhile before bed, have a good weekend!


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  1. Luz says:

    Some lovely things there, thank you, I would probably never have found those sites by myself.

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