The trouble with moderating comments…

I knew this would happen eventually…
I did know this…

But I had no idea it would happen with the second comment to my blog!

Mimi sent this comment:

  • Ooooh! Dawn on the Stitching Garden! I’m so excited! The projects sound incredible.

Such a nice comment too 🙂

So I went to the “moderate comments” section, and carefully selected “approve” and clicked! However, what I clicked wasn’t “approve” but “reject”…. and I didn’t catch it!

I checked back several time to see if her comment had posted – and it never did.

I am sorry Mimi! I promise I won’t do that again to your comments 🙂 BTW, the projects ARE incredible, and easy too! They just take a fair amount of time to complete… 🙂


2 thoughts on “The trouble with moderating comments…

  1. Mimi says:

    It sounds like it!

    No worries, Catherine. I know how easy it is to hit the wrong button (and do often).

    Do you have a pattern for a Pascha basket cover by any chance? I’ve been thinking of trying to stich one during Lent next year.

  2. Catrin says:

    Two years ago I embroidered one for a friend in my parish. It was white on white (which doesn’t photograph well at all, as I found out!)

    Basically there was a large tiger lily in the lower/center, with a beautiful budded cross rising out of the middle of the flower (“behind” the flower, if you understand what I mean). There was a vine with a couple of small rose buds that entwined a portion of the cross. In the corners of the cloth was a small flower, the same in all corners.

    The work was done in several shades of white silk floss, in mainly split-stich, long/short stitch, chain and stem stitches. If I can find my old photo of it I will post it.

    Basically just work with a couple of themes you like. Obviously there should be a cross, but in my experience, less is more. Simple can work quite effectively – and it draws the attention to the theme, not to the one who did the work.

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