Repaired link, Silkweavers and Great Lent

I heard from Silkweavers today, my order is ready and will be shipped tomorrow! They wait to hand-dye their fabrices until they have an order – which makes very good sense for a small company that doesn’t want to be left holding stock that isn’t selling. It’s kind of neat to think that when I am stitching on the Lugana fabric that I have ordered from them, that it was cut and dyed just for me.

The link to the English Cottage Sampler that I am stitching for my sister in the previous post has been fixed. I always enjoy all that goes into starting a new project.

This year Great Lent starts on March 14. For several reasons the West calculates the dates for Lent and Easter differently from us, thankfully I am not the one who has to determine when Lent starts each year.

Prior to the start of Great Lent we observe a period of three weeks called the Triodion, this is a time to start preparing for the journney of Great Lent. This has always been a special time for me, and I look forward to it each year. Lent is a time of increased prayer, fasting, almsgiving and repentance as we prepare for and look forward to the great and joyful news of the Resurrection of Christ – and though it is still some time before Pascha when we will hear, and sing, many times, the joyful Tropar of the Resurrection, part of me already thrills in anticipation.


One thought on “Repaired link, Silkweavers and Great Lent

  1. Meg says:

    Great Lent is always a time for me just to endure and get through. So many people see it as a time of pruning and plowing, and planting in the spiritual garden; for me, it’s an exercise in endurance. This year it will be even harder because it’s the first year since I became Orthodox that there are just two of us to cook for — and dh isn’t Orthodox. It was tough during the Nativity fast. I can’t imagine what Great Lent will be like.

    And the joy of Pascha will be dimmed by the painful awareness of our shrinking family, and by knowing that paschally, the person I care about most in this world just is not on the same page, or even in the same galaxy. I love the church services, but otherwise, I just want it all to be over. Oh well.

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