New Project and Reflections

I just found out, or realized, that my sister is going to be getting her Habitat for Humanity house at the end of this year! This is great news, as she has been through two abusive marriages and lost her home both times. She has two teenagers and this will be a definate blessing, and indeed this week she finshes her pre-payment for the appliances. Some seem to think that Habitat houses are free, they are not, but they do make things possible that might not otherwise be. They also provide classes to teach people good money management skills and how to handle credit properly – I wish that I could go to those classes with her!

Anyway, as I haven’t been around my family for something like 32 years for lots of reasons that I won’t mention here, I want to do something for her as a house warming gift – for more than one reason. I have chosen to stitch Teresa Wentzler’s English Cottage Sampler as my housewarming gift. We have both seen a lot of things over the years since we were little girls in that house in Knoxville, and it seems a good way to perhaps bridge that gap a little. TW designs are very complex and beautiful, and it will be a challenge to get this huge design done by Christmas 2005… but I will see what I can do about it.

Reflections on a lot of things… but the specific Reflections referred to in the title is actually the brand name of a line of hand dyed linen, Lugana and Aida cloth for needlework made by in Mississippi. These are beautiful hand dyed fabrics for needlwork AND are Opalescent! I couldn’t resist and had to take out my credit card to call them and place an order. I am really looking forward to seeing what it will be like. Opalescent material is pretty easy to find these days, but not in this large range of colors, and the fact they are also hand-dyed makes them pretty unique to the best of my knowledge.


2 thoughts on “New Project and Reflections

  1. Philippa says:

    The different fabrics at silkweaver are just beautiful. It’s been such a long time since I’ve done any real serious crosstitching and there seems to be many more beautiful threads and fabrics available.

    Couldn’t get the link to the cottage to work. I’m sure it’s a beautiful design. A lovely idea for your sister.

  2. Meg says:

    Catherine, I looked up that sampler, and it’s a *knockout.* I am so impressed! Looking forward to posts about your progress!

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