The Male Invasion

This seemed an appropriate title πŸ™‚

I remember when I was growing up and learning to stich that first little X, and to crochet that first little row of single crochet (which has pretty much been left behind for needlework), absorbing the idea that such things were for girls/women only – that this wasn’t a masculine activity. I remember wondering about this, but at that age you don’t question such things very much.

I have known for some years now that there are men who do enjoy all of the fiber arts, and indeed have learned that in some cultures weaving and embroidery were once seen as strictly masculine activities and women weren’t allowed to even touch their working materials.

I am not sure why this was considered newsworthy, but on the local news this morning there was a report that men are apparently taking up knitting – and that in several stores they polled, men make up 1/5 of the customers and they even spoke of a website for men who knit.

I am not a knitter myself, but I do know there are men who are on all of my embroidery and needlepoint mailing lists – and they do beautiful work. It is good to see our brothers stepping up to the fiber bar, so to speak πŸ™‚


One thought on “The Male Invasion

  1. Meg says:

    OK, holding my breath and hoping this will go throug — last time I tried to comment, it didn’t.

    Ohyeah, *men* and *needlework*?!?! That was a sure invitation to get beat up, when I was learning this stuff! My own problem was that I had a reputation to uphold as the neighborhood tomboy, so had to practice my embroidery in secret; but it has been a true friend to me for some 50 years now (did I…nah. That couldn’t have been *me* who just wrote that!!).

    Even though I do think it’s a good idea for men to knit — it’s a very soothing hobby, and frankly a lot more portable than embroidery — it still unnerves me to run into a man who knits or crochets. And yes, on the cross-stitch sites I belong to, there are actually many men, about evenly divided between married and unmarried guys. I had wondered how the married guys find time to stitch, and was told by all there that they were retired, and had taken it up either as an antidote to boredom in retirement, or as something to do with their hands while quitting smoking, or as therapy after a heart attack. Needlework of any kind is *great* therapy.

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