New list and cross-stitch class for church school

There is a new list under the slowly growing list of my favorite links. It seems wise to separate my needlework and Orthodox links – simply to make it easier for someone to see what is there.

This evening I start teaching a small group of youngesters, from age 6-13, how to cross stitch. Their first project will be a bookmark. It will be interesting to see who learns more, me or them 🙂

It will also be interesting to see how many I wind up with. They will have their choice of three different classes between now and the start of Lent in mid-March. Hopefully there will be no more than 9, for I only have 10 bookmarks – and I figure that it pays to have one extra as insurance against accidents.


One thought on “New list and cross-stitch class for church school

  1. Philippa says:

    Hi Catherine K! You know me as Athanasia on a variety of lists. Saw your blog on one of them and came by to visit. Very nice! I shall be returning as I am a crosstitcher myself!!

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