Projects for the New Year

I suspect that I do the same thing with my needlework projects at New Year’s pretty much the same way that others choose a list of New Year’s Resolutions – in a manner of speaking.

I am almost done with the Pascha Basket Cover that I am embroidering for a friend in my parish. It isn’t traditional, and not something that I would have chosen for myself, but I think that it will be very nice when it is done. I should finish in the next week or so – and then I will post a picture here (as soon as I get the film developed – I am one of the few without a digital camera 🙂

Other projects are still the icon of Christ the Teacher, an Elizabethian Stag using Appleton Crewel wools and am waiting to get a couple of designs from my priest for some liturgical embroidery. I am also preparing to start teaching cross-stitch to some of the younger ones in my parish – we will be cross-stitching Orthodox crosses on bookmarks – the cross I have chosen is a traditional budded 3-bar cross and they seem to like it quite a bit (the model that is, we won’t be starting until later in the month).

Tonight we have a Vigil service for St Basil the Great, who is commerated on January 1.