Progress on Projects

For me at least, embroidery and needlepoint seem to go at two speeds – which reminds me of the old fable of the Tortuoise and the Hare. The icon I am currently stitching for almost 2 years on have seen times when I may go three weeks without picking it up – then I may stitch large parts of it in a month. As far as this particular project is concerned, for me, it is about my frame of mind. While it is not an actual icon, but a chart of one, the subject is still Christ and I just won’t work on it when I am distracted or watching movies. The time for working on this project is when I can give it my complete attention, and sometimes are better for that than others.

However, the other projects seem to have the same two-speed approach, but different reasons for them. I have learned to set a deadline for myself for completion because if I don’t, I wind up with just too many WIP (works in progress) at the same time. I try to keep in mind that I can’t take any of my projects with me to complete them after this life 🙂 so I try to not have more than 3 projects going on at the same time. Sometimes this counts the icon, sometimes not…

It is very easy to get philosphical about needlework, and I suspect that this is common to all creative activities. While there may seem to be a rather large difference between painting, carpentry, weaving, needlework and others – creation of beauty is a very large component – and yes, often something practical at the same time. If it has come from the heart it shines through – regardless of the ultimate