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As most needleworkers, I have several projects in process. One is a Pascha Basket cover for a friend in my parish. For those who may not know, on Pascha (Easter), Orthodox Christians get together after the Pascha Service and have a meal with foods that we have fasted from throughout Great Lent. These are traditionally brought in a basket (though not really needed) and of there is often a decorated cloth that covers this basket until everyone gathers after the service. This is a cover of my own design, and I will post a photo here when it is far enough along.

I am also working on an Elizabethan crewel kit from The Crewel WorkCompany, Inc. (I generally don’t use kits, but this company’s kits are high quality). The kit is the Elizabethan Stag and I will post a link to it in my next post..

The third project is that of an icon, Christ the Teacher, you can find it here This is a very large project that I began work on in Feb 2003, and I expect to take at least another 1.5 years to finish. I am stitching it in petite-point which does take quite some time and is truly a labor of love.


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  1. Meg says:

    I belong to a couple of needlework groups, and the rate at which these people accumulate projects is fascinating. We aren’t talking cutesie little Santas on plastic canvas, either — most of what they embroider is art masterpieces!

    I’m happy to say I introduced these stitchers to the wonderful world of Russian art by saying that I would love, someday, to stitch a painting by Surikov, “Boyarina Morozova.” Doncha know, a few weeks later someone had created a chart consisting of 75 pages and 87 (I think) colors. What have I gotten myself into. (To see the painting, go to Google images and type “Boyarina Morozova” into the search bar.)

    This is on top of the Golden Tikhvin Theotokos I have from Solaria Gobelins, and a couple of “tamer” projects I started work on before the start of the Christmas fast. Have decided that I will only work on the Tikhvin icon during fasting periods, which should ensure that it will take the rest of my natural life to finish. 😉

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